Terms of collaboration

General information

  • Terms of collaboration define general conditions on which the company, Melisa Przedsiębiorstwo Produkcyjno-Usługowe s.c. hereinafter called PPU Melisa, offers to sell products defined in the order placed by the other party, hereinafter called the Buyer. The terms include a scope of activities which is necessary to correctly fulfil the obligations of both parties.
  • The Buyer, while placing the order, confirms that they have read and accepted these terms of collaboration.
  • These terms of sale are applicable only in case of sales to entrepreneurs.

  • Orders are submitted in writing to the fax number: + 48 46 8743426, or to the e-mail address: biuro@melisa.com.pl
  • PPU Melisa confirms acceptance or refusal of the order within 3 days from its receipt. In case of no reply from PPU Melisa to the order, it is deemed that it has not been accepted.
  • While accepting orders, PPU Melisa defines the completion time, price of the products and possibly other, detailed terms of completion. The Buyer has the right not to accept the conditions proposed within 3 days from the receipt of order acceptance. In case of no reply it is deemed that the conditions proposed have been accepted by the Buyer.
  • Specifications and data sheets of the products are available on request of the Buyer. The Buyer accepts that the formulas of the products offered by PPU Melisa are a trade secret of the company PPU Melisa and undertakes to keep them confidential, as well as not to use them for any purpose other than implementation of the agreement concluded with PPU Melisa.
  • PPU Melisa is the full owner of the ordered product and may demand its return in a non-amended state until the payment has been made by the Buyer.
  • PPU Melisa reserves the right to refuse an order if the Buyer is in arrears with payments owed to PPU Melisa or if the established trade limit has been exceeded.
  • In case of nonstandard orders, PPU Melisa has the right to demand a prepayment, even if other commercial documents stipulate otherwise. The amount of the prepayment is established by PPU Melisa. PPU Melisa reserves the right to define which orders are deemed nonstandard at its own discretion.
  • PPU Melisa reserves the right to impose on the Buyer an obligation to collect the product and to pay the agreed-upon price despite of an cancellation of the order, if the manufacturing process has already commenced.


  • Product prices are defined and indicated in a written confirmation on the Buyer’s request. The prices are net prices and do not include VAT.
  • PPU Melisa reserves the right to make relevant amendments to the price offered to the Buyer in case of an increase in the prices of products and materials, beyond the company’s control. The price can be amended no later than at the moment of accepting the order for processing by PPU Melisa.

Payment terms

  • Payment for the products purchased will be made by the Buyer in the form of a prepayment made to the indicated bank account, unless otherwise stipulated or agreed upon by the parties.
  • A deferred payment term is only acceptable upon obtaining a consent of PPU Melisa and providing up-to-date company documentation.
  • PPU Melisa reserves the right to charge statutory interest on all late payments. The interest is calculated from the due date of the payment up to receiving all outstanding payments by the Seller.
  • PPU Melisa Reserves the right to amend payment terms and the trade limit in case of delays in fulfilling financial obligations by the Buyer.

Delivery and collection

  • The elements ordered are collected by the Buyer from the warehouse of PPU Melisa, EXW Przecław warehouse.
  • In case of payments not being made in a timely manner by the Buyer, PPU Melisa has the right to suspend further deliveries until all outstanding balances are settled. PPU Melisa also has the right to cancel current and future orders.