Fodder additives

Herbs contain active substances which provide health benefits.

The effects are, among others:

  • antidiarrhoeal,
  • antipyretic,
  • antibacterial,
  • anti-inflammatory for the gastrointestinal tract,
  • stimulating digestion,
  • improve production performance,
  • increase feed efficiency.

Using plant extracts can be an alternative for antibiotics.

Used in diets of some animals, propylene glycol supports energy concentration, metabolism, digestion, increases the intake of dry fodder mass. Its effectiveness may be increased if it is fed as an extract of a mixture of herbs of the desired properties.

Our products (glycol-, water-, and ethanol-based) may effectively be used as fodder additives.

We offer extracts from single plants, as well as from mixtures of them. We do not import the extracts – we manufacture them from best-quality ingredients from ecological farms. They are characterised by a very high quality.

Product lines are reproducible, and manufacturing time is on average 7 to 14 days. Liquid extracts, due to their form, are easy to mix with fodder, either purchased or produced at the farm.