Plant extracts

Plant extracts

What are liquid plant extracts?

Liquid plant extracts are products obtained in the process of percolation of plant material with a single solvent (e.g. glycerine) or a mixture (e.g. glycerine + water). After that, they are condensed in an appropriate way.

Extracts in this form are liquids of various claritiy, colours and the smells which are characteristic for the material used to produce them. They may have smoothing, toning, warming, cooling, moisturising, anti-cellulite, whitening, conditioning, disinfecting and many other properties. They may also supplement medical treatment.

Our basic assortment are standardised liquid extracts made from any material, usually plant material or its mixture, based on:

  • glycol
  • glycol – water
  • glycerine
  • glycerine – water
  • glycerine – water – ethanol
  • oil
  • ethanol
  • ethanol – water
  • water
  • other (as specified)

The density levels most common for our products are:

  • D/E 1:10
  • D/E 1:5
  • D/E 1:2
  • D/E 1:1
  • D/E 2:1

Dense extracts

Dense extracts are plastic or semi-plastic substances of a relatively low water content. Most often, they can be an intermediary product used for further processing in granule or tablet production, they may also be a good binding agent. They are semi-solid products obtained through partial evaporation of the solvent used in the percolation process, which is usually ethanol mixed with water, or water. The extracted liquid is condensed to obtain a substance of a syrup-like consistency, containing 60 – 85% of dry mass.

When to choose dense extracts:

  • if more efficiency is needed at a smaller amount,
  • if more possibilities are needed in terms of formula preparation.

What are the benefits:

  • easy to adjust to the formula,
  • a good binding agent for the products to which they are added.

Why is it worth to choose us:

  • the extracts are prepared by our technologists in collaboration with our clients’ technologists, what allows us to precisely adjust the properties to individual needs,
  • possibility of creating – ordering small amounts, e.g. 1 kg,
  • fast order completion,
  • full documentation.

Liquid plant complexes

We prepare and offer extract complexes for our clients. They are extracted mixtures of herbs, fruit and other plants of the requested properties. They may be used to enhance the cosmetic effect, which increases the effectiveness of the final product.

Ingredients of some example complexes are presented below.

Improving skin elasticity:

  • saponaria, coltsfood, marshmallow, rosemary, horsetail.


  • aloe, birch, elderberry, Saint John’s wort, fenugreek, wild strawberry, dog rose;
  • flax, camomile, basswood blossom;
  • mint, marshmallow, camomile.

For acne:

  • betony, walnut, marigold, witch-hazel, lavender, coneflower;
  • fenugreek, camomile, betony.

For eczema:

  • arnica, camomile, hop, verbascum, pansy, lamium, thyme, burdock, inula,


  • dandelion, almond, rosemary, fennel;
  • arnica, horse chestnut, ginkgo , cinnamon, bell pepper, green tea, ginger;
  • horse chestnut, ginkgo, lavender, aloe, comfrey, mint.


  • knotweed, wheatgrass, horsetail, hemp-nettle;
  • collagen, silk, elastin;
  • camomile, sage, pansy, mint, hydrocotyle.

Skin cleansing:

  • camomile, marshmallow, flax, melilot;
  • camomile, rosemary, basswood, flax.

Why use our complexes:

  • cheaper than buying several single extracts,
  • specially selected herbs which have similar effects, contained in the complex enhance the expected results,
  • complexes provide better marketing possibilities,
  • prepared to fulfil the individual needs of the client,
  • their use simplifies the production process, as it is easier to add one component than several.

Plant material

The list of our most popular extracts is presented below. If it does not include the required material – please contact us. We are able to prepare extract from any extractable material available on the market.

1Marine algaeAscophyllum Nodosum Extract
2Fresh aloe leafAloe Barbadensis Extract
3AmlaPhyllanthus Emblica Fruit Extract
4PineappleAnanas Sativus Fruit Extract.
5AniseIllicium Verum Fruit Extract
6Watermelon fruitCitrullus Vulgaris Extract
7Garden angelicaAngelica Archangelica  Root Extract
8Arnica flowerArnica Montana Extract
9ChokeberryAronia Melanocarpa Extract
10Avocado fruitPersea Gratissima Extract
11Ribwort plantainPlantago Lanceolata Leaf Extract
12Bamboo rhizomeBambusa Arundina Extract
13CottonGossypium Herbaceum Extract
14BasilOcimum Basilicum Leaf Extract
15Elderberry blossomSambucus Nigra Flos Extract
16Elderberry fruitSambucus Nigra Fructus Extract
17Cornflower flowerCentaurea Cyanus Extract
18VacciniumSphagnum Extract
19Blueberry leafVaccinum Myrtillus Leaf Extract
20Blueberry fruitVaccinum Myrtillus Fructus Extract
21BoswelliaBoswellia Extract
22PansyViola Tricolor Extract
23Peach fruitPrunus Persica Extract
24Birch leafBetula Alba Leaf Extract
25Buddleja davidiiBuddleja Davidii Extract
26BetonyBetonica Oficinalis Extract
27Garden beetrootBeta Vulgaris Root Extract
28AmberAmber Extract
29OnionAllium Cepa Extract
30Hop coneHumulus Lupulus Extract
31Cinnamomum barkCinnamomum Zeylanicum Extract
32Lemon fruitCitrus Medica Limonum Extract
33Grapple plantHarpagophytum Procumbens Extract
34Black turnip fresh rootRaphanus Sativus Extract
35Fennel flowerNigella Sativa Seed Extract
36Red wineWine Extract
37GarlicAllium Sativum Bulb Extract
38RamsonsAllium Ursinum Extract
39Oak barkQuercus Petraea Extract
40DracaenaDracaena Marginata Leaf/Stem Extract
41Brewer's yeastSaccharomyces Cerevisiae Extract
42PumpkinCucurbita Pepo Fruit Extract
43VerbascumVerbascum Thapsus Extract
44Hypericum herbHypericus Perforatum Extract
45AcerolaMalpighia Glabra Fruit Extract
46BeanPhaseolus Coccineus Seed Extract
47Fig fruitFicus Carica Extract
48GerberaGerbera Jamesonii Extract
49Chelidonium herbChelidonium Maius Extract
50Hawthorn fruitCrataegus Monogyna Fruit Extract
51Hawthorn blossomCrataegus Monogyna Flower Extract
52GojiLycium Barbarum Fruit Extract
53EugeniaEugenia Caryophyllus Flower Extract
54Pomegranate fruitPunica Granatum Fruit Extract
55Grapefruit fruitCitrus Grandis Extract
56Pear fruitPyrus Domestica Communis Extract
57GuaranaPaullinia Cupana Extract
58HennaLawsonia Inermis Extract
59Black teaCamelia Sinensis Extract
60Red teaAspalathus Linearis Extract
61Green teaCamelia Sinensis Extract
62HyssopHyssopus Officinalis Extract
63Ginger rootHedychium Coronarium Root Extract
64ApplePyrus Malus Extract
65SilkHydrolized Silk Extract
66MistletoeViscum Album Leaf Extract
67ConeflowerEchinacea Purpurea Flower/Leaf/Stem Extract
68BlackberryRubus Fruticosus Fruit Extract
69BerleyHordeum Vulgare Seed Extract
70Cocoa beanCocoa Bean Extract
71ArtichokeCynara Scolymus Leaf Extract
72Horse chestnut blossomAesculus Hippocastanum Extract
73Coffee beanCoffea Arabica Bean Extract
74Green coffeeCoffea Arabica Bean Extract
75CaviarCaviar Extract
76Wheat germWheat Germ Extract
77KiwiActinidia Deliciosa Fruit Extract
78CarawayCarum Carvi Seed Extract
79HelichrysumHelichrysum Arenarium Flower Extract
80Coconut fruitCocos Nucifera Fruit Extract
81Collagen with elastinSoluble Collagen And Hydrolized Elastin Extract
82Red cloverTrifolium Pratense Seed Extract
83DillAnethum Graveolens Herb Extract
84Willow barkSalix Alba Bark Extract
85Fenugreek seedsTrigonella Foenum-Graecum Extract
86ValerianValeriana Officinalis Rhizome/Root Extract
87YarrowAchillea Millefolium Extract
88CornZea Mays Bud/Seed Extract
89Lavender flowerLawandula Angustifolia Extract
90Flax seedsLinum Sativum Extract
91LycheeLitchi Chinensis Fruit Extract
92Lime fruitCitrus Aurantifolia Extract
93Basswood fruitTilia Cordata Extract
94LotusNelumbium Speciosum Extract
95LovageLevisticum Officinale Root Extract
96MedickMedicago Sativa Seed Extract
97Licorice rootGlycyrrhiza Glabra Extract
98BurdockArctium Lappa Root Extract
99ThymusThymus Serpillum Extract
100RaspberryRubus Idaeus Fruit Extract
101Hollyhock flowerAlthaea Rosea Extract
102Mandarin orange fruitCitrus Nobilis Fruit Extract
103Mango fruitMangifera Indica Extract
104Passion fruitPassiflora Incarnata Fruit Extract
105CarrotDaucus Carota Sativa Root Extract
106Bearberry leafArctostaphylos Uva-Ursi Extract
107Melissa herbMelissa Officinalis Extract
108Melon fruitCucumis Melo Extract
109Mint leafMentha Piperita Extract
110Almond seedsPrunus Amygdalus Dulcis Extract
111Ginkgo leafGinkgo Bilobae Extract
112Nimtree (Neem)Neem Leaf Extract
113HoneyMel Extract
114MyrrhCommiphora Abyssinica Resin Extract
115Goat's milkCaprae Lac Extract
116Cow's milkLac Extract
117Rice milkOryza Sativa Lac Extract
118Common dandelionTaraxacum Officinale Root
119Apricot fruitPrunus Armeniaca Extract
120FucusFucus Vesiculosus Extract
121MorusMorus Alba Leaf Extract
122SaponariaSaponaria Officinalis Root Extract
123Marigold flowerCalendula Officinalis Extract
124GoldenrodSolidago Virgaurea Extract
125MelilotusMelilotus Officinalis Herb Extract
126Witch-hazel herbHamamelis Virginiana Extract
127Cucumber fresh fruitCucumis Sativus Extract
128Olive fruitOlea Europaea Extract
129InulaInula Britannica Callus Extract
130OrchidCattleya Skinneri Extract
131OreganoAjuga Reptans Leaf Extract
132OrtosifonOrthosiphon Stamineus Extract
133Nut leafJuglans Regia Leaf Extract
134ThistleSilybum Marianum Seed Extract
135Oat seedAvena Sativa Kernel Extract
136Dwarf palmettoSabal Serrulata Fruit Extract
137PapayaCarica Papaya Fruit Extract
138PearlsPearl Extract
139Black pepperElymus Repens Extract
140Chilli pepperCapsicum Frutescens Extract
141ParsleyPetroselinum Crispum Leaf Extract
142Potentilla rhizomesPotentilla Erecta Extract
143WormwoodArtemisia Absinthium Herb Extract
144BugbaneCimicifuga Racemosa Root Extract
145Oat flakesAvena Sativa Kernel Extract
146ColtsfoodTussilago Farfara Leaf Extract
147Nettle herbUrtica Dioica Extract
148Orange fruitCitrus Aurantium Dulcis Extact
149Currant fruitRibes Nigrum Extract
150Wild strawberryFragaria Vesca Leaf Extract
151Marshmallow rootAlthaea Officinalis Extract
152PropolisApis Extract
153VeronicaVeronica Officinalis Extract
154Lady's mantle herbAlchemilla Vulgaris Extract
155Common knotgrassPolygonum Aviculare Extract
156Common sea-buckthornHippophae Rhamnoides Extract
157Rosemary herbRosmarinus Officinalis Extract
158Rose petalsRosa Rugosa Extract
159WatercressNasturtium Officinale Leaf Extract
160Camomile flowerChamomilla Recutita Extract
161Butcher's broomRuscus Aculeatus Root Extract
162Rue herbRuta Graveolens Extract
163Goat's rueGalega Officinalis Extract
164RiceOryza Sativa Extract
165RhubarbRheum Palmatum Root Extract
166Wild daggaLeonurus Sibiricus Leaf Extract
167HayGrass-Hay Herb Extract
168DrepaniumSerratula Tinctoria Extract
169Horsetail herbEquisetum Arvense Extract
170SunflowerHelianthus Annuus Extract
171Soya beanGlycine Soja Extract
172ProteaPotentilla Erecta Extract
173Sage herbSalvia Officinalis Extract
174PlumPrunus Domestica Fruit Extract
175Eyebright herbEuphrasia Officinalis Extract
176BlackthornPrunus Spinosa Flower Extract
177Sweet flagAcarus Calamus Extract
178SpiraeaSpiraea Ulmaria Extract
179PeatSphagnum Extract
180Lemon grassCymbopogon Flexuosus Herb Extract
181StrawberryFragaria Ananassa Fruit Extract
182Common centauryCentaurium Erythraea Extract
183BidensBidens Tripartita Flower/Leaf/Stem Extract
184WakameUndaria Pinnatifida Leaf/Stem Extract
185Vanilla fruitVanilla Planifolia Extract
186Centella herbCentella Asiatica Extract
187VerbenaVerbena Officinalis Leaf Extract
188Evening primrose seedsOeothera Biennis Extract
189GrapeVitis Vinifera Extract
190Cherry fruitPrunus Cerasus Extract
191TansyTanacetum Vulgare Extract
192Heather herbCalluna Vulgaris Extract
193Yerba mateIlex Paraguariensis Extract
194Ginseng rootPanax Ginseng Extract
195Egg yolkEgg Yolk Extract
196Cranberry fruitVaccinum Macrocarpon Fruit Extract
197Comfrey rootSymphytum Officinale Extract