Manufacturer of liquid extracts

We are a manufacturer of high quality, standardised liquid extracts made from a single material as well as blends of the materials.

Our products are solutions of biologically active substances, which define the specific nature of the products in which they are used.

Plant extracts

We offer extracts based on a wide range of solvents made from fresh and dried plants, and other organic substances.

Our extracts are mainly used in natural and conventional cosmetics, and as additives in pharmaceutical production.

Depending on the needs of our clients, we prepare and offer extract complexes with specific cosmetic effects.

We offer extracts of various densities in order to adjust our products to our customers’ formulas.

The production process is thoroughly controlled in accordance with GMPs, and product lines are reproducible.

Plant extracts

Liquid plant extracts are products obtained in the process of percolation of plant material with a single solvent or a mixture. After that, they are condensed in an appropriate way.

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Fodder additives

Herbs contain active substances which provide health benefits.

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Besides the products offered, we also provide the following services:

Extract condensation

Bottling and packaging liquid cosmetic materials

Labelling containers and bottles

We complete projects based on provided formulas

On special order, we prepare formulas adjusted to individual needs

About us

We are a family business. Since 1989, we have been expanding our activity on the plant extracts market. The idea for "Melisa" was born as a result of observing the needs of the Polish cosmetic market, as well as of our passion. From the beginning we have been constantly improving our production procedures and regularly broadening the range of products and services offered, in order to meet the needs of our clients.

We follow the latest advancements and trends in global cosmetics with a great interest, and quickly expand our offer with novelties and breakthroughs in terms of new materials and their applications.

An individual approach to the client, the highest quality of our products and competitive pricing ensure long-term collaboration. Among our loyal customers are many recognised and well-known manufacturers from the cosmetic and other industries. Reliability is our priority, and our greatest goal is the satisfaction of our clients.